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UKM Group in its recent past has caught every eye, has hold maximum attention and made itself hear aloud with its sheer ideas and plans to take the city to heights. With its arms spread wide on areas like Real Estate Construction (Trimurty Colonizers & Builders Pvt. Ltd), Business Hotel (The Wall Street), Hospitality (The Fern-An Ecotel Hotel) and Education (Udai Institute of Management Studies), One can only wait to hear more coming from this dedicated group.

Rajasthan is not a new corner to luxury and premium homes but for years have defined luxury lifestyle trends to the world over. Some of the city’s traditional palaces have stood as testament to architectural splendor, opulence, magnificence and superb craftsmanship.

The UKM Group has been the first to anticipate the void being created at the top end of the housing market and impending demand getting build up for the same. Dearth of prime inner-city residences and their restively high entry threshold is ushering in the need for high quality exclusive apartment complexes in inner-city areas.

The project Aurum by the UKM Group will be one first Green Building in the state of Rajasthan, registered under IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), and crafted meticulously as per IGBC norms for Gold certification. The unique concept of Green Building has been thoughtfully adopted to bring wellness to not only those who will share their life in these apartments with us, but also to the society on a larger scale.


To set highest quality standards in different segment of real estate, construction, Hospitality and Education in terms of quality, management, skills, maintenance, customer satisfaction and allied services.


  • To become the Leader in Real Estate in the State of Rajasthan and INDIA along with having exposure in all verticals.
  • To become the Leader in Hospitality in its own style and statement
  • To become the Leader in Education Sector having all branches open in another 5 yrs.

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